July 2019 - Water Regulations Bylaw No. 1643

With the high temperatures and high number of forest fires during around the community, this months Bylaw Compliance focus is on water conservation efforts throughout the entire community. It is everyone's job to keep the reservoir at an optimal level should we need water on a moments notice to ensure the entire community is safe.

**Sprinklers, irrigation, the washing of driveways, sidewalks and roadways are 

ONLY permitted from 6 am to 10 am** 

  • EVEN numbered houses may water on EVEN numbered calendar days; and 
  • ODD numbered houses may water on ODD numbered calendar days.


Hand watering of plants is permitted at any time.

Watering outside of regulated days and times will result in $100.00 fines in accordance with Section 5.12.1 of the Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw No. 2082

Water Exemptions: Water exemptions for new seed or sod are limited and must be obtained through the Public Works Department at 250-837-2001.

Follow the link to read our Consolidated Water Regulations Bylaw 1643.

Follow the link to read our Brochure on Water Conservation.

Please contact the Bylaw Compliance Department for any questions at 250-837-2911 or bylawenforcement@revelstoke.ca.