February - Noise Bylaw No. 1940

When Bylaw Enforcement Officers receive complaints for noise within the municipality, most often the complaints are received the next day, after the incident has taken place. If the noise is not happening when you call us, we cannot enforce the complaint. 

For Bylaw Officers to take enforcement action you must call during work hours (8:30 AM - 4:30 PM). Bylaw Officers will ask that you supply evidence (video, audio, written statement, and/or a noise log of any continuous noise). After hour email complaints are not actionable as the offence has already taken place. 


We are a team and work together, the RCMP will respond outside of Bylaw hours. This includes all complaints regarding enforcement of City Bylaws such as: noise, parking, public nuisance, etc. 


Noise means any sound which is liable to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of individuals or the public by being unreasonably loud or excessive. 

Please note that snow removal equipment is exempt from this Bylaw. Such equipment is required by law to have back up alarms/beepers for warning signal purposes. 


2.1 No person shall cause or make noise during quiet hours. 

2.2 No person being the owner or occupier of any premises or any real property shall allow or permit real property to be used to cause or make noise during quiet hours. 

2.3 No person or owner or occupier of any premises or any real property shall cause, make or allow any noise prohibited under Section 3 of this Bylaw at any time. 

Follow the link to read the full Noise Bylaw No. 1940.