Spring Animal Control Bylaw No. 2183

City of Revelstoke Bylaw Officers will be out and about patrolling and educating the public on the City's Animal Control Bylaw No. 2183. 

Officers will be informing residents about off-leash areas, at large animals, barking dogs, having a dog without a license and the fines that are associated with such offences. LOOSH_LEASH_Featured

Did you know? No owner shall cause or permit his or her dog to be at large in the City unless in a designated off leash area. 

Did you know? Allowing your dog to continuously bark is against City Bylaws.

If you are having issues with a barking dog in your neighbourhood fill out our barking dog log sheet, and then be sure to contact Animal Control to register a complaint, email bylawenforcement@revelstoke.ca or call 250-837-2911. 


Did you know? It is your responsibility to ensure your animals do not chase, harass, or approach another human or domestic animal.

Did you know? It's your responsibility as a pet owner to pick up after your animals, even if we wish they could pick up after themselves sometimes...

6.10 No Owner shall permit his or her Dog to deposit excrement on public or private property, other than the property of the Owner, unless the Owner immediately removes the excrement and disposes of it in a sanitary manner. 

6.11 Every Owner shall in a timely manner remove and dispose any excrement left by any Dog on the property of the Owner.8c929defc929

With the winter months coming to an end, people are beginning to notice the amount of animal waste not being picked up during the winter months. This causes a very unpleasant spring time cleanup situation. If everyone picks up their animal's waste when it is created the clean up effort in the spring is reduced for everyone. As an added bonus no one tracks animal waste into the home or work place!

Additional Information:

For more information please visit our City Bylaw to read the full Animal Control & Licensing Bylaw No. 2183

Follow the link to view the off leash area map.

Follow the link to view more pet awareness tips.

Follow the link to view our Pets and Public Places brochure with more helpful tips. 

Follow the link to apply for a dog license

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