April - Parks Bylaw No. 2185

The April Bylaw of the Month focuses on our City Parks, the approved uses, regulations and rules for use and helpful tips!


Our parks are for the use of the public for non motorized sports. No person shall use or operate a motor vehicle in a park or public place except in a roadway, or area designated for automobiles or vehicle parking.

Anyone who violates the rules may be asked to leave the park or facility, an offence may also result in a ticket.  

Remember our parks are there for the fun and enjoyment of the entire Community!

Did you know? It is illegal to possess or consume liquor or alcoholic beverages at any time while in a public park.

Kovach Park_3 2016

Did you know? To hold a Special Event in any park or public place, a Special Event Permit is required a minimum of 30 days prior to the event? All Special Event Permits applications are to be submitted to the Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture. For more information on Special Events follow the link to our Bylaw (section 4). 

Did you know? It is illegal to reside or camp overnight in a park or public place? 

A reminder that no animals are allowed off leash in the parks, please pick up your litter and after your animals! There are complimentary dog waste bags at a number of locations around the City.