June 2019 - Municipal Ticket Information System Bylaw No. 2082

The goal of the June Bylaw of the Month is to educate the public on the different fees associated with receiving a ticket within the City of Revelstoke.

Animal Control Fines: 

  • If your dog is off leash or unattended you may received a $200.00 fine except when in an approved off-leash area. View the off-leash area map here.
  • Ensure your dog is licensed with the City of Revelstoke so we can reunite dog and owner if your pup should go missing. 
  • Failure to remove and dispose of excrement on Public or private property is a $200.00 fine. 
  • Allowing your dog to chase a vehicle or cyclist, or allowing your dog to harass, chase, bite, or attack a person or domestic animal is a $400.00 fine.


Did you know? The removal of municipal trees, damage to municipal trees, or pruning of municipal trees are subject to $1000.00 fines, and the cost associated with the replacement of all trees removed or damaged.


Did you know? It is a $1000.00 fine if you obstruct a Bylaw Officer from carrying out their duties. Such instances include refusal to present ID, failure to provide your full legal name or address, or providing false information. 

Municipal Parks Fines:

  • Failing to obtain a special event permit, obey signage or posted notices, possession of alcoholic beverages or liquor, smoking/vaping, reside or camp overnight could all cost you $200.00 per occurrence.

Did you know? Failure to obtain a sign permit, displaying a prohibited sign, and failure to remove or repair a sign could cost you $200.00 and failure to obtain the proper liability insurance, displaying a sign outside of property frontage and displaying a sign in the pedestrian corridor could cost you $100.00 per occurrence!

Traffic & Highway Fines: You may receive a fine of $100.00 if you: 

  • Park obstructing traffic, on sidewalk/boulevard or at a yellow curb
  • Park in front of driveway, lane or within 6 meters of a crosswalk
  • Parking over 24 hours

Watering Fines: Ensure you water on your day, even numbered houses on even days and odd numbered properties on odd days. 

  • If you violate water restrictions you could be subject to a $100.00 fine. 
  • Wasting water can cost you $50.00 per offence.water restrictions

Zoning Fines: 

  • Travel trailers are not allowed to be lived in on your property, this use could result in a fine of $200.00 per day.

Want more information? Follow the link to read the full Municipal Ticket Information System Bylaw No. 2082.