Building Services


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Building Bylaw No 1707
Zoning Bylaw No 1264

Development Cost Charge Bylaw No 1781
Under Section 933 of the Local Government Act, a municipality can establish development cost charges (DCCs), which are charges levied on a new development to assist in funding the cost of upgrading or providing infrastructure services, and acquiring and developing parkland needed to support new development. DCCs can be collected to help pay for transportation, drainage, water and sanitary infrastructure, as well as parkland acquisition and development. DCCs are collected from all development that imposes a new capital cost burden on the municipality.

Secondary Suite Information:

CLICK HERE for details on Code requirements for putting a Secondary Suite in your home.

Booking an Inspection (Process)

Inspections must be booked through the department clerk. Please provide Building Permit Number, address and which required inspection you are booking for. 

When booking an inspection, you will be given the option of a morning or afternoon time slot. If a specific time frame is required, please inform the clerk when you are booking so that the building inspector can try to arrange his / her day to accommodate your request. Please be aware that this might not be possible. 

Contact Information
If you would like to book an inspection or have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Development Services Department by calling (250) 837-3637.

BC Safety Authority - It is the responsibility of the BC Safety Authority for Electrical Inspections. Please find the information below. 

Permit Required

A building permit is required whenever you wish to:
Complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building Construct, cover, or enclose a porch or sun deck
Complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building Demolish or relocate a building
Construct a new home Remove, relocate, alter, or construct interior walls (depending on scope of work)
  Repair, renovate, or add to an existing building

Permit Not Required

A building permit is not required for non-structural minor modifications such as:
Cupboards Landscaping or sidewalks
Painting Exterior finish repair or replacement, such as stucco or siding
Fences (see section 5.13 and 5.14 of the Zoning Bylaw for requirements and ABCLS Info) Roof repairs or re-roofing