Long Range Planning & Projects

The Planning Department provides professional advice to Council on land use planning issues and is the coordinating department for the processing and approval of development applications. This page includes details for ongoing planning projects as well as approved projects and supporting documentation. Information for Short Term Rentals is included on its own separate page. 

In Progress 

For information regarding ongoing planning projects including details on how to participate in the engagement process, please visit www.talkrevelstoke.ca. Current projects include:


This section of the webpage includes details of major planning projects that have been approved and their supporting documents. 

Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2332

Adopted July 26, 2022

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (2013)Community Energy and Emissions Strategy Quick Start (2021)    OCP Draft Presentation Engagement Report (2022)
Housing Needs and Demands Assessment (2018)Framing the OCP Engagement Report (2021)  Overall Community Engagement Summary (2022)
OCP Vision Check-In Engagement Report (2020)Residential Land Inventory (2021)Employment Lands Inventory (2022)
OCP Vision Check-In Focus Group Feedback Report (2020)   Growth Scenario Engagement Report (2021)Revelstoke Station Heritage Conservation Area Design Guidelines (2022)
Population and Housing Projections (2021)Policy Development Teams Engagement Report (2022)    OCP Implementation Strategy (2022)
Age Friendly Report (2021)

Housing Action Plan

Approved August 23, 2022

What We Heard Report (2022)Affordability Land Economics Analysis (2022)Baseline Report and Housing Projections (2022)

Zoning Bylaw No. 2299

Adopted January 13, 2022