Bylaw Enforcement Services


Bylaw Enforcement Services is here to help you understand the City's Bylaws.

Through education and enforcement, Bylaw Enforcement Services works with residents, businesses and visitors to achieve bylaw compliance and foster a safe, healthy and respectful community. 
Bylaw of the Month

The City's Bylaw Enforcement and Response to Citizen Complaints Policy governs the handling and management of complaints to ensure thorough, prompt and courteous receipt, processing, investigation and resolution thereof.

Bylaw Enforcement Services act on a complaint basis to compliment the policy through educating and reminding citizens of the City's various regulatory bylaws to encourage voluntary compliance.  


In an effort to keep the public informed on bylaws, Corporate Administration has created a number of informational brochures.


Protection of Personal Information

We will not disclose you personal information to individuals or business under investigation. We collect your name and phone number to help us contact you if we have questions or need clarification.

If the matter goes to court, we may be required by the courts to provide witness statements or other forms of evidence which could include your contact information.
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