Commercial Vehicle Licensing

Commercial Vehicle License

Commercial Vehicle License

Any vehicle that is used for the purpose of business within the City for the collection and/or delivery of merchandise or other commodity requires a license.

Pursuant to the Traffic and Highways Regulation Bylaw No. 1400 licensed vehicles can:
  • Stop in commercial loading zones while loading and unloading materials and commodities.
  • Stop in laneways while loading and unloading materials and commodities.

The license period is from January 1st to December 31st each year. The fee is based on the gross vehicle weight of the vehicle and ranges from $25.00 - $40.00.

Vehicle weight

  • not exceeding 2800 kg $25.00
  • over 2800 kg but not over 11800 kg $30.00
  • over 11800 kg but not over 20000 kg $35.00
  • over 20000 kg $40.00

To obtain a Commercial Vehicle License the vehicle owner or operator may apply in person to the Finance Department at City Hall with current Vehicle Registration papers. The vehicle must be insured for business use.

Click here for the Commercial Vehicle License Application

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For more information contact Public Works at 250-837-2001.