The preservation and promotion of heritage is the ongoing responsibility of the Planning and Development Services Department. The goal of the department is to ensure that this legacy is protected for the enjoyment of future generations. Heritage conservation in Revelstoke will help us to acknowledge our past, value the present and build a sustainable future.

Heritage Program - Currently Under Review 

The City of Revelstoke was awarded a grant in October 2020 from Heritage BC on behalf of the Columbia Basin Trust’s (CBT) Heritage, Museum and Archive Grants program to complete a Community Heritage Context Study and Regulatory Review, essentially a Heritage Management Plan for the City. 

The process will examine and update Revelstoke’s current heritage planning initiatives and programs, update its heritage planning documentation to meet best practices, re-examine the Revelstoke Station Heritage Conservation Area boundary, as well as review current design guidelines and other aspects of the City’s heritage program. It will support the Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) by increasing its capacity and building on knowledge and understanding of heritage legislation. The plan is taking a values-based approach to heritage, is being developed with community engagement, and will include appropriate recommendations, tools, strategies and actions, as well as a plan for implementation. View more information over the Heritage Management Plan on Talk Revelstoke.