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Building Inspections - COVID-19 Management Measures 

April 1, 2021

The Development Services Department will continue to conduct physical building inspections and adhere to the guidelines for the construction sector as outlined by the B.C. government. As a reminder, the Department's Building Bulletin is still in effect, which outlines the protocol to be followed for physical building inspections, failure to comply with these protection measures will result in the inspection being cancelled and be rescheduled when the protective measures are in place. Virtual Building Inspections will only be utilized when conditions are deemed warranted by the Building Inspectors.

Contact us at or 250-837-3637 to book your inspection.

Site Disclosure Statements Now Required 

Monday, February 1, 2021 

As of February 1, 2021, all rezoning, development permits, building permits, and subdivision applications are required by the Province of BC to include a Provincial Site Disclosure Statement (SDS) completed by the property owner.

Applications will not be accepted or processed by the Development Services department until the SDS is received. It has been included as part of the checklist for the City’s land development and building permit application forms

As part of the initial review of an application, Development Services will determine whether the SDS needs to be submitted to the Province for additional review. 

If the completed SDS identifies that an industrial or commercial use specified by the Province has existed or is occurring on the property, staff will review and determine if an exemption applies. 

If an exemption does not apply, staff will email the completed SDS to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the property owner. At this point, the City is unable to approve this application until we have received written notification from the Province that the City may approve the application. 

At this point, it is also the property owner’s responsibility to communicate with the Ministry to confirm their requirements with regards to the property.

If you have questions regarding the Site Disclosure Statement required to complete your application, please contact Development Services by emailing or call 250-837-3637.  

The purpose of the Provincial Contaminated Sites Regulation and Site Disclosure Statement is to bring potentially contaminated sites to the attention of the Province. This is to ensure these sites are investigated and that contaminated areas are remediated before reuse or redevelopment. 

It is the intention of the Province that only properties with a history of specified industrial and commercial uses are impacted by this investigation and remediation process.

If you have any questions regarding the Provincial Contaminated Sites Regulation and the requirement to complete a Site Disclosure Statement, please contact the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change here.

BC Building Code Updates

For your convenience, free online access to the recent revisions to the BC Building Code and the BC Fire Code are available on the BC Publications website. Customers with binder copies of the BC Building Code and BC Fire Code will be able to update their own binders by printing the updated code sections online at shortly. In addition, an option to purchase a print on demand product of the updated sections will be available soon. Information about the BC Building Code and BC Fire Code revisions is available on our web page. The Building and Safety Standards Branch will publish technical bulletins about the code changes on our website in the coming weeks. If you have any questions about these code changes, please email

As per the City of Revelstoke Building Bylaw all Building Permit Applications for Complex Buildings require a Schedule A (Confirmation of Commitment by Owner and Coordinating Registered Professional) to be submitted with the application. 

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