Encroachment Permits

Retail Displays and Outdoor PatiosEP Pic 1

A business owner who wishes to encroach on City sidewalks or road rights-of-way with retail displays or additional outdoor seating areas (i.e. patio) can submit an application to the Development Services department (under DS-6 Encroachments on City Sidewalks Policy and DS-1 Outdoor Patios Policy) for the following:

  • Display Table - is a 24" x 30" or 42" display table placed along the frontage of the business. 
  • Display Rack - is a 40" x 40" display rack placed along the frontage of the business.
  • Sandwich Board Signage - is a 24" x 36" portable sign along the frontage of the business.
  • Sidewalk Patio (Non-Fenced) - is an unfenced area used for dining and/or public seating purposes, along the frontage of the business. 
  • Sidewalk Patio (Fenced) - is a separated area be a fixed structure such as fencing, used for dining and/or public seating purposes, along the frontage of the business until October 15, 2021. Licensed restaurant patios must be fenced.
  • Curbside Patio - is an enclosed area, used for seasonal dining that extends over one to two parking stalls, along the frontage of the business until October 15, 2021. 

Sidewalk Patio (Fenced)

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Curbside Patio

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Sidewalk Patio (Non-Fenced)

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Example of a temporary expanded service areaTemporary Expanded Liquor Service Area

The City has chosen the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) Pre-Approval option for the temporary expansion to service areas for Food Primary, Liquor Primary, and Manufacture licensees. The proposed patio extension must meet the LCRB Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) Authorization and the business must apply for a TESA application. The LCRB will authorize this temporary expansion under the owners current licence, the Province has confirmed there is no fee for this application and authorization process for the COVID-19 Temporary Extension Application (this approval expires October 31, 2021).

Prior to constructing the temporary expansion patio on City lands, a Business must apply with Development Services for Patio Application / Agreement to ensure the Business has liability insurance and does not impede on the flow of pedestrians or City operations.

Parklet Pilot Project

EP pic 6The City is committed to supporting businesses impacted by COVID-19. The Parklet Pilot Program has been established as an extension of the City’s current DS-1 Outdoor Patios Policy to provide support to businesses that are interested in converting sidewalks and parking stalls into expanded outdoor public seating areas. The additional seating space created by this program will help businesses and their customers follow the physical distancing measures outlined by the Provincial Health Officer.

This program allows businesses to set up temporary parklets on City land at 'No Charge' until October 15, 2021.


Are temporary public seating areas that extend over one to two parking stalls, along the frontage of a business. Includes Public seating, landscaping, and bike parking.

Parklet Application

A business who is interested in being part of the Parklet Pilot Program will be required to submit the following:

1. Application Form
2. Proposal Letter – letter explaining why the business should be considered for the pilot program and how they plan to utilize and activate the parklet.
3. Dimensional Site Plan Drawing – view from above with measurements noted.
4. Dimensional Elevation Drawing – front and side views with measurements noted.
5. Business Licence – 2021 City of Revelstoke Business Licence.
6. Liability insurance – general liability insurance with the City of Revelstoke listed as an “additional Insured”, with a minimum $2,000,000 coverage.
7. Business Letter of Support – letter of support from the adjoining property owners and businesses (support from 66% of the block face is required).


At the Council meeting held on March 23, 2021, Council approved reducing all fees to 'No Charge' associated with use of City sidewalks for retail purposes, dining purposes, coffee shops and outdoor patios, for 2021. This was done to create more space for businesses to reach their capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Application Forms

Application Form - Retail Displays on City Land

This includes applications for the following:

  • Display Table 
  • Display Rack
  • Sandwich Board Signage

Application Form - Patios on City Land

This includes applications for the following:

  • Sidewalk Patio (Non-Fenced)
  • Sidewalk Patio (Fenced)
  • Curbside Patio
  • Parklet Patio

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For more details and application requirements please contact:

Development Services