Applying for a Building Permit


Prior to Building a new home there are several Zoning Bylaws that should be taken into consideration prior to applying. The first step is to research relevant information on the property that you are proposing to build on. 

This Interactive Map will help you to find the zoning information on the subject property. 

Once you have established the zoning for the subject property please look at the City of Revelstoke’s Zoning Bylaw to see if your plans are within the parameters of the bylaws. Should you require clarification regarding the Bylaws or if your plans fall outside of the parameters outlined, please contact Development Services for a pre-application meeting. 

Applying for a Building Permit

Once the applicant is at a stage to apply, the City of Revelstoke provides a Building Permit Application for your Building Permit. Do not forget to complete the Site Disclosure Statement!

The valuation schedule and plumbing and fixture count can easily be filled out and calculated using our PDF form. Please note that if you plan on siting a mobile or modular home your Building Application fees will differ, to anticipate the total fees, please refer to our Fees and Charges Bylaw for more information. 

The requirements for the Building Permit Application vary depending on the type of build. If unfamiliar with the process, it is helpful to work with a designer or someone familiar with the process of building. A general list of Building Permit Requirements can be found here however the Development Services Team may request additional documents as deemed necessary. 

Building Process

Upon submitting the Building Permit Application, the City of Revelstoke will request an intake fee which will cover the initial review of the application. Once the Planners and Engineers as well as the Building Official have reviewed the application, the applicant will be contacted by the Clerks to release the Permit and pay the final fees. Only then may the Applicant begin their build. 

Upon picking up the Permit and related documents, the applicant will receive a list of required inspections. The cost of these inspections are included in the Building Permit Fees and the applicant or contractor can call the office to book relevant Building Inspections. A general list of required inspections and instructions to book can be found here.

Please note that any Permit not picked up and released within 6 months of the notification date will be deemed closed. 

Closing a Building Permit

Once all inspections have been satisfied the owner will be granted an Occupancy Permit, this signifies that the proposed building meets all requirements outlined by the Building Official. If the applicant or builder were required to pay a deposit for the Building Permit related to the Site Servicing and Grading, they will also require a final inspection from the Engineering Department. Once the Engineering Department is satisfied that the requirements have been met, the funds can then be released back to the homeowner and the file can be closed. 

Please note that Building Permits are valid if construction has commenced within 12 months of the Building Permit being granted and up to 2 years after. Lapsed Building Permits may be subject to other fees.