Business Licences

Business Licence Required:

No person shall carry on, maintain, own or operate from premises within the City a trade, business, profession, occupation or calling unless the owner or operator thereof:

  • is the holder of a valid and subsisting License issued under the Bylaw by the License Inspector; or
  • is the older of a valid ICBL pursuant to an Inter-Community Business License Bylaw.

Any person who,

  • advertises by newspaper publicity or otherwise, as open for business of any kind;
  • deals in or buys, sells, barters or displays, or offers by advertisement or otherwise to buy, sell, or barter things of any kind, either on behalf of himself or of any other person; or
  • advertises as open to render professional or other services;

Please use the Business Licence Cancellation Form to inform our Department if you will no longer be operating within the City of Revelstoke. 

CLICK HERE for the Business Licence application.

Read the all the details of Business Licensing in the:

Business License Bylaw and Fees & Charges Bylaw