Application Forms

Planning Application Forms

APPLICATION FORM - Land Development

This includes applications for the following:

  • Development Permit (Minor)
  • Development Permit (Major)
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Board of Variance
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Heritage Alteration Permit
  • Rezoning
  • Official Community Plan Amendment
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment
  • Subdivision
  • Road Closure
  • Changes or Notices on Title

Also available is a Fill-able PDF

APPLICATION FORM - Business License

After successfully obtaining this application, the applicant may conduct business in the city of Revelstoke per the details of the application. All business licences are valid from the date the city grants the licence until the last day of the calendar year at which point a renewal fee can be paid to our finance department. This application can be used for the following: 

  • New Business
  • Inter-Community Business 
  • Cancellation of a Business Licence 
  • Update to an Existing Licence

Please use the Business Licence Cancellation Form to inform our Department if your business will no longer be operating within the City of Revelstoke. 

To fill out digitally download the Fill-able PDF Business Licence Application

Encroachment Permits

APPLICATION FORM - Retail Displays on City Land

This includes applications for the following:

  • Display Table 
  • Display Rack 
  • Sandwich Board Signage

APPLICATION FORM - Patios on City Land

This includes applications for the following:

  • Sidewalk Patio (Non-Fenced)
  • Sidewalk Patio (Fenced)
  • Curbside Patio 
  • Parklet Patio

View Encroachment Permits Webpage

Building Permit Application Forms

APPLICATION FORM - Building Permit - Please use this for the following applications:

  • Single Family House
  • Single Family House with Suite
  • Multi-Family
  • Accessory Buildings (Attached & Detached)
  • Modular and Mobile Buildings
  • Modular on Foundation

Fill-able Building Permit Application

**Please ensure you are familiar with the Site Drainage Plan Example for the above applications**

APPLICATION FORM - New Secondary Dwelling Unit Within a House

APPLICATION FORM - Internal Alteration

APPLICATION FORM - Building Permit Other - You will need this application form for the following application(s):

  • External Alteration 
  • Decks and Porches 
  • Plumbing
  • Retaining Wall
  • Demolition
  • Foundation
  • Site Servicing

APPLICATION FORM - Woodstove Exchange Program

Application to Connect to City Water and Sewer Services

This application is for the connection to City Services (water/sewer) for a new build or to upgrade existing services. Once filled out, the Development Services Clerks will dispatch it to the appropriate departments, Public Works and Engineering to co-ordinate the connection within 3 weeks of the form being submitted. Please note that if this is not related to a new build, the quote will need to be paid prior to Development Services accepting the form.